Programs & Services

The BRYF recognizes that for children to thrive, they must be provided with the basic necessities of life. Additionally, the most effective way to ensure the long term sustainability of a group is to empower them with the necessary tools to be self sufficient. As such, the BRYF, in partnership with several individuals and organizations across the United States of America and Liberia offers the following programs and services:

Peer Mentor Program: The peer mentor program is designed to teach the youth the importance of the power of collaborative efforts. Students are able to encourage each other, form strong long last bonds in a non-intimidating environment while not only improving their own literacy, but also helping their peers to excel academically as well. In the peer mentoring program, we also send out trained soldiers to war, but our war is fought with pen and papers, and our cause is literacy. Mentors work within the school system to battle illiteracy and improve learning opportunities. Where possible, we utilize the best resources available: fellow students.

These students work within their own schools and communities, mentoring younger students to help instill in them a love of learning, while providing them with the tools and resources necessary to not only excel in school, but also in life.

These student to student coaching opportunities help both the mentor and mentee, giving both the chance to participate in something that is greater than the individual.Clean Water Program: The BYRF is developing six clean water stations in the rural areas outside of the Liberian towns of Kolhun, Yekepa, Gbanga, Tapeta, the rainforest village of Zwedru and the western coastal town of Harper. Each of these locations present l clean water issues that need to be resolve based on water sources, contamination levels,population needs and many other crucial factors. With nearly 30% of Liberia’s land covered in rain forest, BRYF also seeks to create up to a half dozen rainwater collection sites. Rainwater by nature is already purified water, so the creation of these sites effectively saves resources that would usually be used towards filtration and distribution efforts.

Simple Sanitation Program: The BRYF is developing six clean sanitation stations in the rural areas just outside one dozen Liberian towns including Tubmanburg, Buchanan and Greenville. Each of these locations present sanitation issues that need to be resolve based on water sources, contamination levels, population needs, plumbing capabilities, sewage networks and many other crucial factors.
Farming For Us Program: In order for Liberians to grow and prosper, it is important for its people to become self-sufficient. Led by local Liberian agricultural teams and coordinated by leading organic farmers, the BRYF Farming For Us program will both take advantage of the incredible Liberian soil conditions and remarkable raw resources at its disposal. The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation seeks to set up over 100 acres of usable croplands in nearly 25 depressed rural areas throughout Liberia.

Rogers Nutritional Awareness Program: Bill Rogers’ personal passion for outstanding health, fitness and wellness has led him to pursue a professional path as both an ASFA certified master personal fitness trainer and a kinesiology-human performance medical professional. Bill and his staff of nutritionists will educate regional Liberian teachers, social workers and volunteers o the values and importance of good nutrition to create a widespread understanding of proper nutrition and its fundamental importance to both physical and mental health. The BRYF nutrition team will also supervise the utmost natural and sustainable farming, harvesting and meal preparation practices with the Farming For Us team to insure the universal learning in the over 25 regions it intends to cover.