How We Work

We are currently laying down the plans for our first BRYF center. This community center will eventually be planted in every county in Liberia. The  center will recruits young students from their local community and helps them discover and develop their natural talents through a series of recreational and educational programs. Through recreational and educational events, we allow the youth to showcase their talents to the community. We currently organize sports programs all around the country. Our work focuses on recreational development, supplemental education, and cultural heritage.

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Our Progress

We started in 2010 and  by just bringing  children together in the community to play sports .  Here’s the progress that we’ve made so far. With your support, we can make an even bigger impact on the lives of the Liberian youth.

Our Projects
Community Partners
Youth Involved
Where We Work

We are currently working in Grand Bassa and Margibi county in Liberia. Our goal is to have our programs  running in all of Liberia’s 16 counties. We particularly choose to work outside of Liberia’s capital city Monrovia, where the youth have less access to opportunities. Monrovia is becoming over crowded because most of the opportunities mainly exist there. In order for Liberia to develop sustainably, opportunities must be widespread.


Our Stories

Story telling is a huge part of Liberian culture. Listen to our supporters and youth share their stories about how The BRYF is postively impacting Liberia.

The BRYF Center

The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation is seeking to build a 2500 square foot Youth recreational and sporting center in Kakata, Liberia. The government of Liberia has already allocated The BRYF the land. The youth are the future of every nation, therefore Liberia’s development hinges on how well it invests in our youth.  This project will occur in three phases and hopes to be fully completed by  Dec. 2020.