Our Inspirational Founder


It’s been a long run for our founder, Bill Rogers. The eldest of 4 children born into a village in Kakata, Liberia in 1985, Bill acquired leadership skills quite early.  He decided to strike out on his own, wanting more than what his village had to offer him. He often saw professional track & field athletes run through the town and would eagerly trail beside them.  He even received encouragement from their coaches to pursue athletics, but Bill had a major problem. Due to ‘a tragic accident at the hands of a person trying to do harm to him during his childhood, Bill did not have all of his toes. However, he did not allow this to stop him. He pursued track vehemently, going on to become a Liberian Olympic track star and earning a full athletic scholarship to pursue a BA in Kinesiology at Huston-Tillotson University. Bill did not allow his environment and physical setbacks to hold him back and does not want war, poverty or Ebola to hold the youth of Liberia back. He is ready to return home and give back through what he calls, sports for change.