Our Mission

The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation is a nonprofit organization seeking to help   

Liberia’s youth discover and develop their natural talents, so that they can

positively impact their community.

Our Approach

First, we help the youth to discover their natural talents.

Next, we help the youth to develop their natural talents.

Then, we organize events to bring the youth together.

Now, they can make a positive impact on their community.

Our Crew
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Our Values


We are 100 % committed to serving the youth of Liberia & fulfilling our mission. We value money & time. We are not perfect, but we are transparent.



We rely on multiple revenue streams. No paternalism welcomed here, at BYRF, Liberians and foreigners work side by side.



Liberia has been divided for too long. We're committed to using sports as a tool to bring Liberians together and make us stronger than ever.