Sports for Change

“Sports can be a diversion. Sports can be a hobby and, for a fortunate few,

sports can change the world”- Nelson Mandela

IMF 2017 Report revealed that Liberia had one of the lowest levels of investment in health and educational sector projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We're Here to Change That !

Who We Are
Sports changed the life of our founder, Bill Rogers, & now he's giving back & using sports to empower the youth of Liberia to affect positive change in their communities
Our Approach
Discover + Develop + Unite = Impact
Creating Model Citizens
Areas of Work
Recreational Development

Help us build the BRYF Center.

Supplemental Education

Tackle low literacy in Liberia.

Cultural Development
liberian seal resize 2

Celebrating our cultural heritage.

Join the Team
No tryouts on this team !
The only requirement is that you have a heart for the youth.
Become a sponsor, an ambassador, or donate whatever you can.
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